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Bodybuilding Workout

There a few common questions that a good personal trainer tends to ask a person that is interested in getting in shape and body building. For starters, they will ask “What are your goals and what exactly are you looking for?” These are excellent questions since there are different workouts that are targeted toward attaining different goals. Some of the common goals include decreasing body fat (i.e. focus on fat, not weight which is a combination of muscle and water and fat), gaining muscle mass, increasing strength, injury rehabilitation, as well as developing high levels of striation and definition.

Communicating The Body Building Workout Goals

The secret to you attaining the most out of a body building workout lies in your ability to communicate well. More specifically, you should emphasize what exactly it is that you are striving to achieve and communicate that to your trainer in a manner that is clear. For instance, saying “getting in shape” is typically not a very good response because it can be misinterpreted as losing body fat along with some strength and core training.

Don’t get me wrong. That is a completely fine translation if that is actually what your goal is. However, if your goal is to pack on 30lbs of muscle to get in shape, then the body building workout that you receive will not provide you with those results if the trainer misunderstood your goal. Always be clear when expressing and/or defining your personal goals. A simple strategy to communicate a goal is to just say “I want to look like celebrity so and so.” This tends to provide the trainer with a visual idea of what type of physique goal you are striving to attain.

There is a Science to Body Building

To a novice or an individual with an untrained eye, a body building workout might appear to be random. However, this is just not accurate. As a matter of fact, the degree of incorrectness in considering the workout to be something that is “random” practically extends towards the stratosphere. If an individual is utilizing a proper body building workout, they will have a series of logical workouts put together in a manner to ensure that they reach specific goals within a predefined time frame
Unfortunately, your goals will not be reached if the body building workouts become random and/or illogical. For instance, if you are looking for more mass, then your leg mass exercise program will typically include heavy squats and leg presses. But if you are advised to do heavy reps on a leg extension machine, then you will fail to meet your mass goal due to the fact that a leg extension machine is mainly designed for definition or injury prevention or rehab.

You are probably aware that the number of body building workout programs is almost limitless. As a result, sometimes a bit of experimentation may be required in order for you to find out what is actually needed. If you stop to consider that all body building program originally began with an experiment then this is hardly a bad thing.

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